Windows 10 – first look.

At Pelican we tend to be conservative early adopters. What do we mean by this, well, we will always adopt and adapt into new technologies early, but not necessarily completely.

Well with Windows 10 we did shortly go all in with upgrading all of our machines to Windows 10. We also assisted many of our clients in upgrading to Windows 10. Only on one machine did we have any major issues but this was due to the condition of the Windows 7 installation which was damaged, and a little compatibility with some older software, plus some questions about newer software with poor documentation available but the majority of machines moved over with no issues, We even managed to a Microsoft Works to run on it.

The free Windows 10 upgrade offer from Microsoft has gone now, but we still support and recommend changing systems to Windows 10, it is the most user friendly Windows yet and thus far has proven to be rock solid reliable on our own systems, our score thus far witha year of solid windows 10 useage under our belt, honestly 10/10

If you would like assistance with your own upgrade to Windows 10 why not give us a call. We have upgraded some pretty old machines, giving them a new lease of life but it may be more cost effective to go for a new machine all together.

Why not Contact Us on 01480 702110 / 01733 393892 to see how we can move your world onto the world of 10