Home Users

Pelican Computers support home users too

We have a vast range of experience gained in the commercial support market, and we can bring this to the home users as well.

No more picking your computer up, taking it into the computer shop, waiting weeks for them to look at it. We can come to your home, run a quick diagnosis and repair your computer onsite. If necessary, we will remove your hardware and get to work on the issues right away at our base.

  • Virus Removal
  • Unexpected Behaviour
  • System Performance
  • System Failure
  • Upgrades
  • Installations
  • Networking and Wireless Issues
  • Printer Solutions
  • Much more

We can also provide other solutions for the home user including:

  • Office 365 solutions that beat Microsoft on on their own pricing / terms
  • Professional Email systems with Microsoft Exchange for home business users, from £1.45 per month
  • Home phone solutions from just £4 per month. Add an additional line – anywhere.
  • Website hosting with WordPress, great for fun projects and school project development.
  • Security systems including CCTV

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Have a look at our case studies to see how we have helped other users

Computer slow, and unexpected behaviour.

Our new client was reporting that their childs laptop computer was “Acting Weird” and “doing things it shouldn’t” including presenting some material not suitable for children.

We discussed the situation with the client, and looked at a plan forward.

Using tools at our disposal, we assessed the situation and found that the computer was infected with a range of viruses, trojans and malware.

We backed up the essential data, removed unwanted applications, programs and viruses that were causing the reported behaviour and uninstalled infected programs.

We then cleaned the computer up to improve its performance and restored the cleaned data to the original location, re-installing cleaned versions of the removed programs as needed.

One suite of products had been removed by the client which was MS office 2000. The client did not have the original media nor the licence meaning that we were unable to re-install this for them. We set them up with an Office 365 Licence that met their needs, and provided them with online access to their software and apps, as well as always having access to their keys and software. This also enabled them to have office on their phone and tablet all in the same low price.

Laptop reported as very slow, and sometimes failed to start.

A common problem with laptops as they live in a harsh environment, subject to high heat cycles, movement, drops and their design is such that heat dissipation can be quite an issue.

On inspecting the laptop it was an early Windows XP machine, Talking with the customer it was from 2007/8, but it was thought to be older than that.

On checking the machine the hard drive was starting to fail. on discussing with the client they requested repair so this is what we did for the customer:

Using tools at our disposal, we cloned the HDD to a new HDD

Replaced the HDD and bought the machine back up, tested it. Things were already better

Checked and cleaned the operating system.

Returned the machine to the delighted customer.

Prior to the above work, the laptop, when it did boot, was taking about 3 minutes to get to the login screen. When returning the computer to the customer, we demonstrated the changes, boot to login was taking a shade over 20 seconds. of course performance of the machine in use was very quick and reliability was also improved.

We had installed a solid state hard drive to the customers machine, cloned their original HDD with all of its files and  refreshed it to help it run efficiently.

Needless to say, the customer was delighted, and it had saved them from having to buy a new £350 laptop.

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