Some of our work

We manage a number of websites and pages with different requirements and can adapt our website solutions to match to your needs.

  1. The need was for an easy to manage website for users with a little computer knowledge to operate and run. Our result was this site which hosts the pages for a vacation home in Port St Lucie Florida. The online calendar is easy to keep up to date and manage and the customer uses this to manage the bookings at their vacation home.
  2. Client needed a full blown e-commerce website with easy to manage interface for an RC model aircraft site. Providing them with this solution and the training to use it took them online and opened up new markets.
  3. Local RC Model flying club had issues with their website not being listed. We took over their website, moved it to our own hosting and resolved the issues with the website. We expanded the facilities and showed the owner how to manage it themselves. Getting the site listed in google, bing and various other search engines along with some Search Engine Optimisation enabled the site to start working for them and attracted new members to the club
  4. One of our existing customers had a website that had been designed for them but needed moving to a hosting company that was associated to their existing company. We helped the migration of the site by moving the site from the designer and resolving the issues that the hosting company were having with the migration. Once the site had been migrated to  us, resolving the issues on the way, we assisted migrating it to the hosting company.

We enjoy the challenge of designing, migrating and hosting websites, taking them further and making them a resource for their owners.

If you have a website or a need for a new one and would like cost effective work to ensure your website performs for you then why not get in touch.

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