Extended WiFi

Extending WiFi either to provide site to site communication or provide WiFi to a larger area than would normally be possible can be hugely benficial.

  • No cables to run
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Cover large open areas
  • Cover large areas inside and outside

We have experience of installing WiFi to cover large areas both inside or outside, from simply extending your wifi from the front of the house to the back through to covering Sports fields, parks and other open areas, interconnecting separated buildings and areas where running cables is not feasible, Roads, Water, Land rights issues.

High speed and stable connectivity is the key to ensuring that wireless connectivity is beneficial, through the hardware and configuration we use we can provide both of these key requirements quickly and easily.

If you have a requirement to provide extended range or site to site communication, or even a mix of both please do get in touch to see if we can help you realise your connectivity goals.

Case Study:

Large older property set in large grounds, with substantial walls both internally and externally. Requirement to provide wireless internet through the property and through the grounds which extended to approximately 12 acres. Specific areas needed to be covered outside and complete coverage throughout all areas inside .

Buildings and topography  as well as hard surfaces provided obstacles for connectivity, either by centralised boosted WiFi or by cabled extensions to WiFi.

Exterior Solution:
By using a mixture of site to site (Point To Point) connectivity with localised wireless access point solutions externally to spot cover targeted areas for WiFi we were able to work around the topography and surface complications that caused issues for other solutions.

Interior Solution:
By using a range of discrete access points,  we provided a 150Mbps wireless network inside the house with additional Cat5 outlets available should they be needed, all managed from anywhere on the wired or wireless network.

Total Solution:
This combined solution provided a seamless WiFi mesh network to the users, so they could utilise any access point to access the internet. By providing separate SSID’s we were able to separate guests from the private LAN ensuring a secure solution for the owners who could share their network with guests and visitors without compromising their own network.


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