VDSL FTTC High Speed Internet for Home and Business

Fibre Internet

Fibre Internet

FTTC or VDSL is a the new way to get reliable internet connectivity to your home or office.

The biggest issue with standard ADSL services is that the service degrades quite quickly over copper wires of more than a few hundred metres, and we have all seen the “Up To” speeds but how many have seen them delivered.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) or VDSL uses fibre connections to the cabinet in the street (green boxes by the side of the road), and then utilises copper to your premises. As these lengths of copper are relatively short the losses are low and the expected speeds of 80mbit down and 20mbit upload are far more achievable.

Line stability is great too, and we often run Voice Over IP communications across these lines with no issues.

If you have standard ADSL service – whoever supplies it or even their FTTC service why not check with us to see if we can move you to our solution and up your internet access to a high grade VDSL service. Free install options are available along with modem / router included.

There are no caps, limits or throttling of the service either and contention is kept low, unlike some of the cheaper services.

All being well, the change over should be completed in about 15 days and you can have multiple high speed connections running on your network.

  • Low cost packages from just £21 per month
  • Greater reliability/uptime than ADSL2+ plus up to 3x faster download and 20x faster upload speeds
  • Free connection and free router with most packages
  • Friendly UK-based technical support
  • Line rental just £10 per month, or use your existing line for free

With speeds up to 80mb, Fibre Broadband (VDSL2/FTTC) is the UK’s fastest BT Wholesale-based Business Broadband – using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology to bring you an outstanding combination of speed, reliability and guaranteed throughput.

Excellent for Business running bandwidth hungry applications or home users who want a high grade internet service. Perfect for home workers, gamers and multiple users.

Why not get in touch and we can start the ball rolling to your internet connectivity future.

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