Website Development and Hosting

WebsitesHaving an effective website provides a number of attractive options for clubs organisations and businesses.

Your website can provide an interface to your customers 24 hours a day, be a brochure for your products and an advert for your business. optimising it to be found in search engines is a key to making it effective, though it has to be suitable for humans and search engines.

Working with our selected freelance designers and developers, Pelican Computers can help develop your website with a close eye on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We develop sites that enable the end user to update and add information to their sites themselves. our website leverage tools to not only self promote themselves, but also report on their effectiveness.

website designCMS or Content Management Systems make it easier to manage and update your website without needing to know code, html, php or anything else. If you can use a word processing package (MS word for instance) you can use our CMS backed website to get your message out there. Make text Bold, Italic, or underlinehyperlinks easily. Add images quickly and easily, align them as you need, change them as you wish. Of course we don’t leave you when we have delivered, we see websites as an ongoing project that often grows and evolves.

Customer interaction is a great tool that you can add to your website, putting a contact form online allows customers to contact you safely and effectively 24x7x365, making it safe for you is important too, so adding some security is required too, and an online chat tool as you will find on this page enables you to talk to people there and then, when you are available.

Of course we can also host your website for you on our professional hosting platform, this will help take your website to the top levels of the search engines, ensure its availability and performance.

Talk to us about how we can help you bring your company, organisation or club onto the worldwide web, and make it cost effective for you to do so.

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