Laptops nowadays are an excellent choice for the home user. they used to be the tool of the road warrior, but prices have tumbled and specs have got better so a desktop does not always mean the best option.

We have access to a range of laptops but we do, of course have a few favourites.


HP B-5080-ssd-UG. This is our current model that we are suggesting, this great laptop has superb performance and stylish looks.

HP Laptop

  • Screen size – 15.6in
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 5005U – 2 GHz
  • RAM – 8 GB
    – We have great deals on memory upgrades, if you need more RAM please call our sales team on 0871 971 0005
  • Hard Drive – 128 GB SSD
  • Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Edition / Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Edition
  • Optical Drive – DVD-Writer
  • Graphics – Intel HD
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty

Our customer reviews.

June 2016
Boots so fast I am certain it must have just been asleep, but when I put it through a full reboot I could not believe how fast it was. Battery life is awesome and the general feel of the laptop is wonderful. It really surprised how fast this laptop was – Thank you Pelican Computers for your time and experience in recommending this to me.

Our price, £389 installed and ready to use – Windows 10 upgrade included at time of install.

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